EULISP Annual Seminar: Two Days of Contemporary Problems of IT and IP Law

The annual Seminar of the EULISP Master’s Programme in IT and IP Law is traditionally the highest point of the first semester of the Programme. Our Students are required to prepare a short paper on a highly relevant topic falling within the field of either Information Technology or Intellectual Property Law and after a peer review of all the short papers (conducted by the students themselves), each one of them shall present his own paper before the other participants in the Programme, the Tutors of the Programme and the academic community of the Law Faculty of the Leibniz University of Hannover.
This year’s seminar will take place on Thursday November 12th and Friday November 13th, both days from 08.00 until 16.15. Nineteen papers covering a wide spectrum of current problems in Data Protection Law, E-Commerce, E-Signatures, Biotechnology law, Alternative Licencing, Database Protection, Software Protection and Copyright Law will be presented.
This year’s seminar will be streamed online via the following link:
The Institute for Legal Informatics would like to cordially invite anyone with a keen interest in IT and IP Law to watch the live streaming of the seminar.
For more information about EULISP, please visit or write an email at

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