Summer Forum IT-Recht: Legal Issues of 3D Printing

Four and a half centuries ago Johannes Gutenberg changed the elaborate, expensive and time consuming process of reproducing books by inventing the very first printing press. His invention was a milestone in the history of education: knowledge was no longer kept to a small number of intellectuals that could discuss it amongst themselves. Information could be reproduced faster and cheaper than ever before; as a consequence, information was distributed to a much wider audience. Similarly, the mass production and manufacturing of three dimensional goods has been an elaborate and expensive process. Establishing production lines and assembling goods requires huge investments of not only capital, but human resources. Furthermore, manufacturers require not only massive industrial installations and raw materials in order to produce, but logistical and storage space afterwards.

We may be in the middle of a 3D printing revolution that is promising to have equally important impact. The technology allows for the assembly of goods by just clicking the print button of computer software, liberating industrial processes behind the production of goods from its economic and societal dependencies.

How does 3D printing technology work? How is it currently used? What shall we expect in the near future? Which social issues and legal questions are raised by 3D printing? How should the law react?

The Institute for Legal Informatics would like to explore these questions in the second edition of its “Summer Forum IT-Recht” which is now part of the INSITU Summer School. It has therefore invited an interdisciplinary panel of experts that will discuss the basic aspects of the 3D printing revolution.

The Panel

  • Dr rer. nat. Claus-Peter Rückemann High Performance Resources Management, RRZN Hannover
  • Mgr. Martin Husovec IMPRS-CI Doctoral Research Fellow at Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Affiliate Scholar at Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet & Society (CIS) and Impact Litigator at European Information Society Institute (EISi)
  • Mark Leiser Part-Time Lecturer, Law Faculty –University of Strathclyde/London School of Economics

Date and Place

When?: 10th August 2015, 18 pm
Where?: Room 1501.-104 (Moot Court Room)

“Forum IT-Recht” will take place in English. Participation is free! The „Forum“ will be also offered online (live streaming) – just visit our website

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