Prof. Forgó on Big Data at the “Dienstagskaffeeseminar” of the NCCL

The Norwegian Center for Computers and Law (hereinafter NCCL) examines contemporary problems of IT Law in the context of its long standing “Dienstagskaffeeseminar”. Quite interestingly the “Dienstagkaffeeseminar” of last April was coincidentally organized on the same day with the joint seminar of EULISP, namely on April 28, 2015. That turned out to be a very nice opportunity for a productive scientific meeting: Ass. Prof. Tobias Mahler has kindly invited Prof. Forgó and Ioannis Revolidis, LL.M., who were in Oslo for the joint seminar of EULISP to offer a presentation on “Big Data and EU Data Protection Law” for a group of about 50 interested students and university staff.

Prof. Forgó gave an overview of the development of the foundations of European law (both national and community) concerning the protection of personal data. Using the Big Data challenge as an example, he focused on the hidden conflict of values and interests about who controls personal data in the digital era, by pointing the leads  to a so far 30-year debate on the control of information concerning a common European regulation.

Ioannis Revolidis, in his part of the lecture, discussed the problem of the applicable personal data law in a Big Data world.

The presentation was followed by a lively Q & A which displayed the great interest of  again that the concept of big data stands in contradiction to the protection of personal data.

The IRI would like to thank the NCCL once more for the kind invitation to the „Dienstagskaffeeseminar“.

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written by Ioannis Revolidis


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