EULISP Graduation

EULISP Absolventen

Last friday (14th of November 2014), the traditional EULISP graduation ceremony took place at the Leibnizhaus. 15 graduates with friends and family, the dean of study affairs, professors, alumni and other people who feel connected to the institute and the EULISP programme, attended. Several speakers addressed the graduates:

  • Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Forgó moderated the ceremony
  • Prof. Dr. Benno Heussen gave a lecture about the brilliancy of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
  • Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Kilian gave examples of former EULISP graduates who are now very successful in a variety of jobs
  • Felix Seehausen, LL.M, President of EULISP-Alumni e.V., congratulated the graduates and invited them warmly to join the alumni association

Finally Prof. Forgó and Prof. Kilian handed out the well-deserved diplomas to the graduates.

At the end of the ceremony Prof. Forgó announced that Benjamin Schütze resigned his job as the EULISP coordinator after 5.5 years of excellent work. The new persons in charge are now Stephanie Heinrich and Ioannis Revolidis.

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