On 11 September 2014 Magdalena Góralczyk and Ioannis Revolidis represented IRI and their respective projects EURECA and Linked2 Safety at the GMDS/IMIA Workshop “Research Databases” which was being held as part of 2nd European i2b2 Academic User Group Meeting.

The meeting brought together researchers working with i2b2, tranSMART and SHRINE technology solutions. Those systems are scalable computational networks that allow integrating of clinical data into repositories for future use.

IRI was present in order to discuss many legal aspects of the work done in that domain. The legal discussions focused mainly on standards with regards to de-identification of patient data, the concept of anonymity and medical research, as well as the balance between data quality and its identifiability.
The poster of both projects is available here: Poster

More information on the meeting and the meeting agenda can be found here:

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