MAPPING kick off meeting in Groningen

Nikolaus Forgó, Christian Hawellek and Jonathan Stoklas attended the kick off meeting of the EU FP7 project MAPPING that took place in Groningen on the 18th and 19th of March. MAPPING (Managing Alternatives for Privacy, Property and INternet Governance) is an EU FP7 project with a duration of 48 month. The MAPPING consortium consists of 13 different partners from 11 different countries. The project is based on the results of several EU FP7 projects including CONSENT, SMART and RESPECT, in which the IRI was involved as well.

MAPPING’s goal is to create an all-round and “joined-up” understanding of the many and varied economic, social, legal and ethical aspects of the recent developments on the Internet, and their consequences for the individual and society at large. MAPPING will specifically investigate and debate the existing innovation policies, business models and legal framework related to the implementation of the Digital Agenda for Europe and the changes needed to set up an improved governance structure for the EU innovation ecosystem. In order to achieve this goals, MAPPING plans the mobilisation of a wide spectrum of ICT-related stakeholders and social actors from both EU Member States and associated countries, including academics, law and policy makers, ISPs, international and EU Internet governance bodies, NGOs and civil society organisations.


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