OPTIMIS Project: Presentation of the latest Developments

The legal team of the OPTIMIS Project was present at the last CeBIT in Hannover on the 10th of March 2012 where they made a presentation at the Heise Forum titled „Legal and Contractual Issues in Cloud Computing“. The presentation centred on many legal issues of using Cloud Computing services from the risk point of view.

The speech was presented by Marcelo Corrales from the Institute for Legal Informatics (LUH) who explained the latest developments emanating from the research that he and other team members like Prof. N. Forgó (Legal Team Leader), S. Nwankwo and J. Stoklas, from LUH had been working on in the OPTIMIS Project.

This presentation also had the cooperation of some members of the University of Leeds, School of Supercomputing, such as D. Armstrong, K. Djemame (Team Leader), M. Jiang, M. Kiran and T. Kirkham who carried out the research regarding the risk assessment that includes a legal category in one the components of the OPTIMIS toolkit.

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