IRI members in interview by Prof. Chiaki Sato

IRI members in interview by Prof. Chiaki Sato Nikolaus Forgó, Magdalena Góralczyk and Stefanie Hänold had a chance to visit the wonderful University of Tokyo. The stay was a follow-up of a visit Prof. Chiaki Sato from the Todai Policy Alternatives Research Institute paid last year to IRI and was a chance to strengthen the growing cooperation.

Prof. Sato, who was our most kind host, welcomed us at the Hongo Campus. A stunning place in the middle of Tokyo, which offers a beautiful opportunity to study and live, it was a true honour to be invited there. What more we were given a chance to meet, present and discuss with brilliant Japanese (and international) scholars.

Part of our stay was an interview we gave to Prof. Sato, speaking about our impressions of Japan and our academic interests. The interview has been published under a flattering title: “Frontrunners of Medical Innovation” and can be found here (link). Prof. Sato will also be one of the speakers on the upcoming conference 30th IRI Anniversary: Past_Present_Future – 30 Years in IT-Contract Law

The complete Interview can be found here.