Call for Applications: PhD Programme

The IRI (LUH) is a project partner in the structured interdisciplinary PhD programme LAST-JD-RiOE. The programme is currently offering PhD positions. If you are interested, please apply by May 15th, 2019.

What is LAST-JD-RiOE?

Law, Science and Technology Joint Doctorate: Rights of the Internet of Everything (Last-JD-RIoE) is a 3-year interdisciplinary PhD programme allowing students to pursue innovative research projects in collaboration with industrial, international, and governmental partners throughout Europe. The programme provides 15 positions across 9 leading universities and institutes in Europe.

Proper study of IoE cannot be limited to engineering and computer science. It is a topic that should be investigated using a variety of different scientific and interdisciplinary approaches as well as technical, legal, economic, ethical, and philosophical points of view. This interdisciplinary research is the objective of LAST-JD-RiOE. Study will be conducted at a number of research institutes and will include working with industrial partner organizations.

Detailed information can be found on the following sites:

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