EULISP 22 Seminar: Contemporary issues in IT and IP Law-November 10 and 11

The first semester of the 22nd edition of our EULISP Master’s Programme is reaching its high point this week. After 9 weeks of intensive lectures and research preparations the students of EULISP will be presenting their seminar papers on November 10 and November 11. Their papers cover a wide range of current hotly debated issues in the areas of E-Commerce, Data Protection and Intellectual Property Law, with a strong focus on the EU Regulation of these areas. For a complete overview of the topics and the proceedings of the seminar please have a look at our seminar programme. If you are interested in current topics in IT and IP Law, we would very much like to welcome you to join our seminar online. We will be broadcasting our seminar live on both days via the following link:

We would be very happy to have you with us!

For more information about EULISP, please do not hesitate to visit or just write us at

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