The IRI attends ICNAAM 2016 and GLOBAL HEALTH Conference

The Institute for Legal Informatics was represented at two events in September and October.

On 19-25 September, the ICNAAM 2016 took place at the Rhodos Palace Hotel, Rhodes, Greece. Iryna Lishuk LL.M., research associate at the Institue for Legal Informatics, attended the sixth Symposium on Advanced Computitation and Information in Natural and Applied Siences, where she held a presentation titled “Patentability Aspects of Computational Cancer Models” and also participated in a Delegates Summit with the title “Best Practice and Definitions of Data-centric and Big Data – Science, Society, Law, Industry, and Engineering”. The Symposium was organized by Prof. Dr. Claus-Peter Rückemann, who also holds the lecture on „Fundamental Aspects of Information Science, Security and Computing“ in the postgraduate study programme of the Institute for Legal Informatics (EULISP).

On 9 – 13 October Iryna Lishuk and Dr. Marc Strauch, M.A. (Oxon), also research associate at the Institute for Legal Informatics, attended the Fifth International Conference on Global Health Challenges: GLOBAL HEALTH 2016 in Venice, Italy, where they held a presentation with the title “Options for Protecting Medical Data by IP Rights”. Iryna Lishuk LLM also participated in a session with the title “Technology” as the chairwoman.

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