„IN SITU Forum“ at the Institute for Legal Informatics

The Intellectual property system is at the center of the innovation–growth nexus, so the WIPO 2015 in its Report “Breakthrough Innovation and Economic Growth”. However is it sufficient? And what about Human Rights?

This question will be explored by our international panel, giving us insights from a German, Indian, UK-European, and US-European Perspective. Accordingly, one view will proceed from the assumption that the present IP system, while it has its benefits, merits a conceptual review, since it may give rise to conflicts, e.g. when IP owners can limit the distribution of inventions of wide societal importance such as a cure for cancer or a software which has become a de facto industry standard. Another view will take the stance that Human Rights, such as Data Protection may stifle innovation since it does not even allow a potential patent holder to conduct the research that would lead to the respective patentable breakthrough in the medical field.

The Forum thus invites you to interactively discuss with the panel the possibility of delivering greater access to essential information and communication technologies while at the same time encouraging the development of those technologies.

After the Forum, participants are kindly invited to the barbecue & get-together organized on Campus, in front of HanOMacke.

10th August 2016, 6.00 pm, Room 1502/805
Barbecue & Get-together on Campus afterwards


Dr. Abbe Brown
Deputy Head of the Law Faculty,  University  of Aberdeen
Topic: “Intellectual Property, Human Rights and Competition: Access to Essential Innovation and Technology from a European Perspective”

 Ioannis Revolidis, LL.M.
Coordinator of the Master Programme EULISP
Research associate at IRI
Topic: “Medical research in the US and Europe: Does Data Protection law stifle Innovation?”

Jayanta Ghosh
PHD Candidate, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Topic: “The Intellectual Property System in India and Human Rights”

Sylvia Jakob

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