The IRI goes to Washington – 5th International Summit on the Future of Health Privacy

The 5th International Summit on the Future of Health Privacy took place in Washington, D.C., from June 3-4, 2015. The conference is a forum for practitioners from government and industry, and for academics, the media and the public to engage in constructive dialogue on the future of patient privacy. The summit was co-organised by Patient Privacy Rights, a US charitable foundation with the goal of restoring patient control over personal health information, and Georgetown Law’s O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law.  Past guests at the summit include Peter Hustinx, EU Data Protection Supervisor and Peter Schaar, former German Data Protection Supervisor, as well as the famous privacy scholar Alan Westin. Weiterlesen

ZD-Aktuell: Veröffentlichungen

Im Newsdienst ZD-Aktuell haben in Heft 12 die folgenden Mitarbeiter des Instituts für Rechtsinformatik Beiträge veröffentlicht:

Dipl.-jur. Sarah Jensen
„Gesetzentwurf zum Scoring-Änderungsgesetz wird in Erster Lesung abgelehnt“

Ass. jur. Dominik Basten
„Schutz von Patientenakten nach insolvenzbedingter Schließung eines Krankenhauses“

RA Thorsten Heermann
„AG Nienburg: Erstmals Dash-Cam-Aufzeichnung als Beweismittel im Strafverfahren zugelassen“

Dipl.-jur. Jonathan Stoklas
„XXI. Tätigkeitsbericht der LfD Niedersachsen für die Jahre 2011/2012 – Videoüberwachung in privaten Unternehmen“

Ass. jur. Friederike Knoke, Dipl.-jur. Jonathan Stoklas
„Internationales Forschungsprojekt zu elektronischen Beweisen in Strafverfahren“

Ass. jur. Alan Dahi
„Shattering the Expectation of Privacy: Third Party Records – United States v. Davis“

Ioannis Revolidis LL. M.
„The Greek DPA on the Notion of Personal Data in the Light of CJEU C-212/13“

Diese Beiträge finden Sie hier.

EVIDENCE Workshop on transfer of digital evidence

On 1st and 2nd of July, a workshop on „data protection in sharing and exchanging electronic evidence“ was hosted by the Institute for Legal Informatics in Hanover. IRI is the leader of WP8 of the EVIDENCE project, focusing on data protection issues. Consequently, the workshop aimed at identifying issues arising around the collection and exchange of electronic evidence in criminal proceedings and providing remedies. The workshop was opened by Maria Angela Biasiotti as project coordinator and Nikolaus Forgó as host.



UN-Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy: Joe Cannataci

The UN Homan Rights Council has appointed its first Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy: The successful candidate is Joe Cannataci.  The rapporteuer’s tasks include

-„to identify possible obstacles to the promotion and protection of the right to privacy, to identify, exchange and promote principles and best practices at the national, regional and international levels, and to submit proposals and recommendations to the Human Rights Council in that regard, including with a view to particular challenges arising in the digital age;

-to report on alleged violations, wherever they may occur, of the right to privacy“

The Special rapporteur is appointed for a period of three years.

IRI congratulates Joe Cannataci most warmly and is more then proud about his election as we have been closely working together with Joe in European research projects such as SMART, CONSENT, RESPECT, MAPPING and EVIDENCE for many years.

Joe got notice of his appointment right after having left Hannover/IRI from an evidence-meeting today.