The Herrenhausen Conference on Big Data starts today!

Over last years there is little development that does not involve Big Data. It is characterised by high speed production and high speed processing of large amounts of data in various fields, e.g. medicine. In this Blog we often discussed these issues and pointed out legal and practical implications.

Now the Herrenhausen Conference on Big Data addresses in an trans-disciplinary approach the management of Big Data, as an „intelligent use of large, heterogeneous data sets“. Therefore experts of industry, academia and the public sector are scheduled to speak about the unsolved problems and future perspectives in using Big Data.

The Organisers state: „Our goal is to create an inspiring setting for the discussion of new ideas.“ In this spirit, they invited researchers and experts working in this various fields and bringing with them their individual perspectives and expertise. One of those leading expert opinions is that of Prof. Nikolaus Forgó, who was invited as a speaker at the conference.

Sadly there the conference is already fully booked. We congratulate those who were able to register and are looking forward to and inspiring an thrilling conference.

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