Privacy, Personality and Business models Roundtable held in Hannover

The first event of the MAPPING Roundtables series was organised by the Institute for Legal Informatics of the Leibniz University in Hannover (IRI LUH) covering the topic of Privacy, Personality & Business Models. The two-day stakeholders meeting on current business models took place in Hannover, February 11-12, 2015. Various experts from academia and the private sector shared their views on topics like technical and legal aspects of cryptography, antivirus standards, IT security legislation and new business models. “Seemingly distant presentations in fact showed how interconnected these topics are when it comes to privacy”, Prof. Nikolaus Forgó, Head of the IRI LUH commented at the conclusion of the event.

The second MAPPING Roundtable, in Switzerland on March 19 2015, will focus on Intellectual Property Rights, . Everyone is welcome to actively join us in Geneva or through remote participation in a moderated online webinar. Details on the Roundtable and registration for both forms of participation are here.

The biggest MAPPING project event for this year will be the Annual General Assembly which will take place in Hannover in autumn 2015, with all three key project topics tackled. For more details watch this website or sign-up for the MAPPING Newsletter.

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