Forum IT Recht – This wednesday / livestream available!

This wednesday at 6 p.m. the „Forum IT Recht“ will take place at the Law Faculty of Leibniz University Hannover in room No. 1507/004+005. The participation is for free. There will also bei a livestream at

Transnational Data Flows and the struggle for digital Privacy: Will Data Protection Law face the challenge of the digital era?

Following the astonishingly rapid technological developments of the last quarter of the 20th century, the collection, storage, transmission and processing of information has become easier than ever, particularly after the emergence of the digital society: the emergence of digitization minimized both the time and the capital invested in the processing of information on the one hand, while enabling on the other the collection, storage and dissemination of vast amounts of personal information.

This new digital society combined with the increased globalization of world economy, shaped a new social and economic model, a model where information has become the “lifeblood of society” and the new “raw material of economy” that will trigger and foster the third industrial revolution.

In the course of these ongoing developments the social and economic repercussions of information processing have been drastically maximized. Public authorities (most notably national governments), private enterprises (national or multinational) and even individuals are processing and sharing personal data through the use of all kinds of digital networks and devices. By using even the most basic internet services the processing of the data usually becomes transnational, given that the internet is by definition designed to defy the economic, social, legal and geographical boundaries of the physical world.

As the internet shrinks the world, enabling any kind of transactions to happen anywhere, anytime, by anyone on the planet, can we expect that our laws that are bounded by borders and physical limitations will protect our personal information from being intercepted and exploited? Which law shall we apply? Who touches our data? Who is responsible for its protection? Which are the available remedies?

The “Forum IT-Recht” and the “IN SITU – International Summer School in IT and IP Law” of the Institute for Legal Informatics will join their forces in an interesting effort to assess the problem of “Transnational Data Flows” from a social, technological and legal point of view, with inputs from leading experts in the field of Information Technology and Data Protection Law.

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