SMART Intelligent Investigation Conference, getting closer!

Another call for anyone interested in the SMART Conference, taking place 19/20 September 2013. Registration is still up!

Register here

Or have a look at the conference’s programme for a detailed schedule here.

What is the SMART Conference?


IRI co-organises the SMART-’Intelligent Investigation Conference’ held on 19 and 20 September at the Representation of the State of Lower Saxony to the European Union in Brussels.
SMART serves exploring the deployment of new surveillance technologies based upon large scale integration of data stemming from diverse sources in key areas such as border control, counter terrorism, telecommunications networks and devices, and similar.
The conference seeks to provide a platform to experts from law enforcement authorities, data protection authorities, technology providers, international research facilities and representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States’ Governments. The views and perspectives presented and exchanged will provide the fundament for the recommendations to the European Commission regarding future European legislative acts.

Confirmed speakers are among others:

  • Stephan Jacobi, Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (German Federal Domestic Intelligence Service)
  • Dimitrios Droutsas, LIBE Berichterstatter des EU-Parlaments zur geplanten Richtlinie zur Zusammenarbeit der Sicherheitsbehörden
  • Iain MacLeod, Deputy Director, UK National Crime Agency
  • Dr. Waltraut Kotschy, Scientific Counsel, Author of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency’s Handbook on European Data Protection Law, Former Member of Austrian DPA and the Article 29 Working Party
  • The heads of the Data Protection Authorities of Austria, Bavaria and Bremen.

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