Joint Seminar

The Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law (NRCCL) hosts a joint seminar with IRI today and tomorrow. The event will be opened by a presentation of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kilian on „Marketability of Personal Data and the Concept of Data Protection Law„.

Students will present tomorrow on topics such as „Data protection and social networks – an analysis of Opinion 5/2009 on online social networking of the Art. 29 Data Protection Working Party“ and „The Comission’s proposal for a Directive on collective management of copyrights and neighbouring rights (COM(2012) 372 final): Will it shape collecting societies for their future tasks?“

NRCCL and IRI have a long history of cooperation in research as well as in teaching. In teaching, a double degree master programme is offered. Researchwise the institutes currently cooperate in projects such as CONSENT, SMART and RESPECT.

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